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An electrically small cpw fed frequency reconfigurable antenna. An antenna is considered to be electrically small as a function of its overall size or occupied volume relative to the wavelength. Enhancement of electrically small antennas prop erties with. Bandwidth enhancement of lowprofile omnidirectional, electrically small antennas has evolved from the design and construction of am transmitter towers eighty years ago to current market demand for battery. Contrary to convention, the cava is an electrically small antenna, with an antenna width and length on the order of a quarter freespace wavelength at the lowest frequency of operation.

For a practical design, however, the ground plane may be finite but large in size. Development of an electrically small onesided directional antenna with matching circuit haruichi kanaya1, ryusuke nabeshima1, ramesh pokharel1, keiji yoshida1, masato tsujii2, and ryoichi iino2 1graduate school of information science and electrical engineering, kyushu university. Pdf electrically small folded slot antenna utilizing capacitive. In this paper, we present an electrically small, lowpro.

The antenna includes two twinspiral type slot line short stubs and three opencircuited seriesstubs with slot line loaded at the central feed line of the cpw as impedance matching network. Pdf this paper presents an electrically small, coplanar waveguide fed, folded slot antenna that uses capacitive loading. The following image shows the model of a slot antenna. Size reduction of cavitybacked slot antennas electrical. An electrically small or electrically short antenna is an antenna much shorter than the wavelength of the signal it is intended to transmit or receive. Recently, a 16 slot electrically small te10mode antenna yielding the quality factor q 3. Obtained frequency characteristic of the return loss and the calculations taking account of a kinetic inductance, and b permittivity variation. Dec 15, 2017 efficient design of electrically small antenna using metamaterials for wireless applications. Skrivervik, lema, june 2008 17 maximum gain of an antenna the fields are expressed in spherical waves outside the sphere enclosing the antenna the poynting vector is computed in the far field the gain expressed in speherical modes is obtained from the poynting vector the gain is maximized with respec to the size of the sphere enclosing the antenna. Mimo antenna consists of two electrically small antennas inserted inside a 3dprinted usb prototype. This can be understood by observing the image of a slot antenna. In fact, the latter result was also predicted by wheeler in 1958 10. The proposed antenna is compact with dimensions 11.

Lowq electrically small spherical magnetic dipole antennas. Adams, flush mounted rectangular cavity slot antennas theory. Pdf slot loaded electrically small rectangular patch. Electrically small antenna performance enhancement for nearfield detuning environments christian w. While the performance characteristics of all these antennas are admirable, their structured ground planes are nontrivial and not electrically small. Let us have a look at the structure of a slot antenna. When an infinite conducting sheet is made a rectangular cut and the fields are excited in the aperture which is called as a slot, it is termed as slot antenna. For example, placing such a slot antenna in close proximity of a large metallic object, such as a vehicle, can signi. It is realized by removing a small area of metal from an infinite ground plane. Us8629811b2 dual band electrically small tunable antenna. Nasa glenn research center, 2 brookpark road, cleveland, ohio, 445 usa 2.

Design of an efficient miniaturized uhf planar antenna electrical. In one embodiment, the antenna is formed as an l shaped slot along two edges of the circuit board of a miniature radio transceiver. The highest gain for small antennas operating at 2. An electrically small cpw fed frequency recongurable antenna muhammad saeed khan and antoniodcapobianco department of information engineering university of padova via gradenigo 6b, 351 padova, italy email. Miniaturization is achieved through symmetric inductive loading of an electrically small slot section. Pdf design and performance of an electrically small slot. Design and performance of an electrically small slot loop antenna with a miniaturized superconducting matching circuit. Small antenna validation university of california, san diego. Principles and methods of creating small antenna sa.

A dualband electrically small antenna based on impedance matching circuit is proposed. Index termsminiaturized antennas, small antennas, slot antennas. The most common definition is that the largest dimension of the antenna is no more than onetenth of a wavelength. Although the theory requires an infinite spread conductive surface, the deviation from the theoretical value is small when the surface is greater than the square of the wavelength. A study of the performance properties of small antennas. Slot loaded electrically small rectangular patch antenna for.

A rectangular slot is made on the conducting sheet. It is fabricated on a lowloss fused silica wafer through a backetch of a 5000aring golden metal film, which is 31. In one example, the dualband antenna includes a combination of a semispiral antenna for the uhf frequencies and a microstrip patch antenna for the lband frequencies. Efficient design of electrically small antenna using. Development of an electrically small onesided directional. An electrically small dualband planar tunable uhflband antenna. Tsutsumi et al electrically small slot loop antenna with miniaturized matching circuit 1023 fig. Theproposed mimo antenna has dual bands which caters to wimax. The frequency range used for the application of slot antenna is 300 mhz to 30 ghz. Nasa glenn research center, 2 brookpark road, cleveland, ohio, 445 usa. Electrically short antennas are generally less efficient and more challenging to design than longer antennas such as quarterand halfwave antennas, but are nonetheless common due to their compact size and low cost.

Electricallysmall antenna performance enhancement for. The sshaped metamaterial has been transform and adapted to the mobile phone requirements to obtain a small z antenna. This paper presents three novel electrically small antenna. In general, the slot antenna is not free to radiate on both sides of the surface on which it is cut because one side is either completely enclosed, e. Long slot antennas andrew alford consulting engineer abstract. Electrically small antenna esa the conventional slot antenna is a onewavelength center feed slot antenna as shown in fig. Electrically small, complementary electricfieldcoupled resonator antennas h. Also included is the use of such slot antennas in arrays to obtain.

Electrically small folded slot antenna utilizing capacitive. Electrically small folded slot antenna utilizing capacitive loaded slot lines maximilian c. Guney2 1electroscience laboratory and department of electrical and computer engineering, the ohio state university, columbus, ohio, 43235, usa 2department of electrical and computer engineering, michigan technological university. Electrically small folded slot antenna utilizing capacitive loaded slot. Electrically small, complementary electricfieldcoupled. Electrically small rectangular patch antenna with slot for. Electrically small acsfed antenna consists of an fshaped monopole radiator with a ushaped slot inserted into it. Since antenna integration and miniaturization are two major challenges in mimo systems, we propose a slot loaded electrically small rectangular patch antenna that operates in the 0. Electrically small acsfed flipped mimo antenna for usb. Skrivervik, lema, june 2008 1 electrically small antenna design anja k.

This invention discloses a small slot antenna incorporated within a flat circuit board and having a three dimension omnidirectional radiation pattern. Electrically small antenna esa an esa is an antenna that satisfies the condition ka electrically small antenna degenerate band edgebased ground plane, 6. Braaten department of electrical and computer engineering. This paper presents an electrically small, coplanar waveguide fed, folded slot antenna that uses capacitive loading. In the late 1930s, slot antennas and ferrite antennas were put. Slot antennas in which the slot is made as long as possible and to which metal wings are added to control the radiation pattern in the plane perpendicular to the axis of the antenna are treated. The slot antenna was designed from the intuition of babinets principle, that a horizontal electric dipole in free space is the dual of a vertical slot and will have the same radiation pattern as. These slot antennas can be formed by simply making a cut on the surface, where they are mounted on.

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