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Otc 23439 jubilee field fpso a fast track delivery success r. Challenges and opportunities for conversion lng fpso jos leo sbm offshore europe. The challenge of the integrated topside design of demands for additional capability and new a modern naval surface. This paper aims to address the structural challenges in conjunction with the design and analysis of topside module support structures for installation on floating production storage and offloading fpso vessel. Fpso topsides design and layout offers essential training for all personnel involved with the design, engineering and commissioning of fpso topsides.

In terms of design, most fpsos take the form of a supertanker and it can be difficult to distinguish between the two. Pdf detailed design and construction of the hull of a. Structural design and analysis of fpso topside module supports lars o. This area at the border between hull design and topsides design is of uttermost importance for the production integrity. Specifically, this paper addresses the loading on the interface stool structures while subjected to loads originating from hull girder deformation, fpso tank pressure loads, and topside inertial loads due to vessel motions. Adhering to best practices in areas such as process optimization, piping, electrical and structural designs will help to deliver safe and operable fpso and flng topsides that minimize. The most common topsides foundation concepts applied on fpsos are identified, and discusses the consequences of each configuration for.

Guide to fpso floating production storage and offloading. It is necessary to optimize the integration of the topsides i. Extensive, wellqualified workforce in facilities strategically located around the world. During the design phase of each project, ops works closely alongside other sbm group companies with. The design for the fast4ward fpso is underpinned by sbm offshores group technical standards gts.

Integration issue 1 many bid teams experience problems for estimating and scheduling the topsides integration work. Safety in design and operation fpso design and technology daily agenda day two. It is important for you to optimize fpso and flng topside design, layout and processing. The topside process modules are designed to separate the produced water and the gas from the crude oil. Introduction to the fpso floating production, storage and offloading system principles. Extra space on deck has been kept spare for future modules for change in production or utilities. It will provide delegates with an improved understanding of the topside design process including. The course has been exclusively designed to equip participants with key tools needed to find answers to these questions and to make the appropriate decisions to advance future projects.

Fpso topsides design and integration similarity to oil fpso 10 safe and robust design using full qra approach. Many fpso projects have suffered cost schedule overruns which often starts at the integration phase. This paper addresses the unique structural challenges associated with the design and analysis of topside module support structures for installation on fpso decks. We know that topside construction is only one facet of. The inlet design flow rate is over 150,000 barrels of water per day together with over 10,000 barrels of oil per day. The design of an fpso to operate in gulf of mexico the design of an fpso to operate in gulf of mexico orlando ribeiro, cesar palagi. Optimal module layout of topsides of offshore plant. Rr489 structural strengthening of offshore topsides.

In part 2 marine and structural and part 3 production facilities, specific issues are addressed in more detail, providing a leadin to the detailed design of the fpso. Review of the fpso design spiral understanding the input data. Floating production storage and offloading fpso sbm offshore. Exterran has the capabilities to build any type of topside you may need. Williams m, xiaozhi wang m, donald liu f this paper addresses the unique structural challenges associated with the design and analysis of topside module support structures for installation on fpso. Abs, a provider of classification services, has granted an approval in principle aip to hyundai heavy industries hhi standardized design for a floating production storage and offloading fpso unit. Allowing the structure to breathe in this way mitigates the need for sliding supports that would require through life inspection and maintenance. Abstract topsides facilities design for offshore platforms requires integration with a broad range of disciplines to ensure a safe and functional. Fpso design and technology training course in dubai. Fpso design issues main technical questions selection of the mooring system predominantly turret mooring, but spread mooring and yoke mooring also used location of the accommodation block conventionally at aft end of ship new build vessels may have forward accommodation process plant layout, based on safety and operability.

A typical conductor supported minimum facilities platform incorporates topside, conductor legs and a subsea template. Fpso vessel key metocean design criteria environmental influences affecting fpso design hull design topside design requirements and layout structural design and global analysis configuration of the topside supports day 3 station keeping and topside process mooring design and arrangements anchors and their particulars. What are the key considerations for the design and layout. We provide fullservice construction of fpso topsides like no other company. The following key points were considered while designing this project. Structural design and analysis of fpso topside module supports. Experience in fpso topside structural behaviour was used to develop a design concept that instead of one single continuous structure utilised a design of four independent structures offering longitudinal compliance with vessel global hogsag behaviour. Pdf structural design and analysis of fpso topside. Digitalization is key to fast4ward it enables even.

The objective is to identify the various loads and their influence on design, structural integrity, behaviour and performance of the topsides equipment. Otc 23439 jubilee field fpsoa fast track delivery success. This design philosophy will be implemented through the technical project management approach described in section 10. The design guidance notes have been divided into three parts.

The ocean environment has a profound influence on the design of fpso. Topsides, mooring, and export facilities design chapter 9. Based on experience and using a design library, each discipline can contribute specific standardized approaches to accelerate the project and to offer the most benefits. Upgrade and modification of the petrojarl i fpso the petrojarl i fpso will sail to the atlanta field offshore brasil in 2016 after modification of the vessel and process systems to meet the new filed conditions and crude oil specifications. Williams m, xiaozhi wang m, donald liu f this paper addresses the unique structural challenges associated with the design and analysis of topside module support structures for installation on fpso decks. Contract covers project management, design, engineering, procurement, installation. These facilities can support large topsides and large production capacities. This is a preliminary concept design of an fpso supposed to explore the oil fields in norwegian sea.

It will arm the participant with a wealth of knowledge to help them advance their project. Introduced in 2003, they draw on the expertise and lessons learnt from a delivery portfolio of more than 50 floating production systems and over 320 years of operating experience. Floating production storage and offloading fpso vessels are playing critical roles in extracting and offloading liquid and gas hydrocarbons from deepwater and ultradeep subsea wells. Flng vessel designs require naval architects to coordinate the liquefaction plant design and the fpso design. It requires many disciplines to engineer and design its topside facilities. Challenges and opportunities for conversion lng fpso. A structural weight estimation model of fpso topsides using an improved genetic programming method. For this fpso floating production storage and offloading vessel project, the topside process modules are designed to treat the produced fluid into crude oil and fuel oil.

This petroknowledge fpso training course will focus on the key design concerns, technical challenges, critical drivers and risks associated with the execution of the fpso project. Effective fpso hull design uses combined approach oil. Topsides facilities design knoll major reference works wiley. Standardization adds value to fpso topsides offshore. New production topsides, which consist of multiple modules, are integrated on the deck of a converted tanker to form a complete production facility. Part 1 covers the general considerations influencing fpso selection and design. A structural weight estimation model of fpso topsides. These multipurpose ships effectively extract, store, and offload hydrocarbons in the. Damen shiprepair rotterdam contracted nevesbu to execute the engineering and design for all. We are experts at integrating all our processes and solutions to meet your complete lifecycle project needs including aftermarket. Adhering to best practice in areas such as process optimization and piping, electrical and structural design will help to deliver safe and operable fpso topsides that minimize capital and operating expenditures. How best practices optimize topsides design norb roobaert, juan campo, howard newman and alan phillips.

Optimizing fpso topside structure design not a simple task. We provide highcalibre multidiscipline design services to yards and owners in the commercial shipping, defence and o. As described in chapter 1, the general arrangement and layout of shipshaped offshore units designed for oil and gas operations may be grouped into several major parts. Preliminary design data form fpso and fso systems please complete this form as appropriate for your project and then mail or fax it to.

Topsides module supports viking systems has worked on projects involving both fourpoint and multipoint support systems where the structural arrangement approach may be based on stools, support frames, and gusset plating, as well as module pancake structure arrangements of both plate and girder type and tubular construction types. No matter where in the world you are deploying fpsos, the place to start is singapore, with exterran offshore. Fpso topsides design optimization reducing capex through lighter topsides. Fpso topsides module supports and hull integration design. Floating production storage and offloading an overview. Structural design and analysis of fpso topside module. Phase ii blast and fire engineering project for topside structures 3. The defining visual difference of an fpso is the processing equipment that is stored aboard the vessels deck.

Transport fpso armada intrepid onboard the dockwise. Engineering ice group is europes largest independent ship design consultancy. Its an extension and further enhancement of advanced explanations covering the many facets of detail engineering and layout of topsides process and piping systems. Modec has said that the hull design offers a large deck area to cope with the trend toward larger, heavier and more complex topsides, and is a modular design concept, to accommodate a large variety of requirements for various fpso projects, including various mooring configurations.

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