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If youre a manufacturer or retailer of childrens toys, or items that could be construed as a childs toy, in the european union eu, then the following change in legislation applies to your business. Anchorcert analytical is ukas accredited to carry out en7 testing in our onsite fully equipped state of the art laboratory here in birmingham. New cen standard european standards for toy safety. We recommend rustins floor oil for interior floors. The en71 toy safety standard has been harmonised by the ec as the default standard which toys must meet. Food regulations and to the toys safety regulations 1995, bs. There are many useful online documents and websites to better design products and help to focus on the. How ul can help to learn how ul can help you comply with all en 71 requirements, email email protected.

En 7 specifies requirements and test methods for the migration of aluminium. Without priof written approval from the issuing laboratory,this report shall not be except in full. Effective july 20, 20 do your toys meet the new chemical requirements. Get an overview of the role of the en 71 standard part 123 for toys. This revised standard is expected to be harmonised under the toy safety directive 200948ec for presumption of conformity. However, this is still not yet being harmonized to the toy safety directive so that only en 711. This is the first part of a multiplepart european standard on the safety of toys. En 71 series the details before toys reach the shelves, they must undergo rigorous testing to ensure they are safe for children to use. This part of en 71 includes clauses that have been moved from en 711. The european committee for standardisation cen has recently published the new toy safety standard en 71 7. It has been prepared by technical committee centc 52 safety of toys. Microsoft word qmfrt361003shgen712 report template. On 2 april 2014, the cen published the revised toy safety standard en 717.

Experimental sets for chemistry and related activities ms 1774 part 5 1998 safety of toys part 5. This new en712 toy testing apparatus available from concept equipment utilises modern. High bleeding after the 1 to 10 hard shakes, the attacked part of the pigment is forming a gummy of sticky mass or the complete pigment is dissolved 1. These publications cover a wide range of toy products and safety topics including flammability, electrical, chemicals, mechanicalphysical issues and activity toys. Statement on the safety of toys, en71, parts avery dennison. If possible obtain a test portion of not less than 100 mg of the toy material according to 7. Swings, slides and similar activity toys for indoor and outdoor family domestic use. Aragen10 series formaldehydefree daylight fluorescent. Secure pdf files include digital rights management drm software. Increased concerns from consumers lead to a revision of the directive 88378eec 5. If a toy is found to be unsafe by breaching one of the specified standards, or by a manifest risk of injury not specified in standards then. The a3 amendment to en 711 also incorporating a1 will be required for toys new to the market as from 30 september 2014 and thus all 3 amendments a1, a2 and a3 be.

Yet, many importers fail to understand that en 71 compliance is more complex than a printed ce mark. En71 1 is concerned with the mechanical and physical elements of the toy. Dimethylformamidedmf with regard to composition of above grades, they can comply with the directives of rohs 201165eu, 200311ec, en71 part 3 and sony standard ss00259. En 71 compliance is mandatory when importing toys to the european union. Web details the new en 71 3 chemical requirements of the eu toy safety directive 200948ec will come into effect on july 20, 20. Toy materials are now divided into three categories, as follows, based on their type.

In short it is checking to see if any of the mechanical or physical features of the toy could injure a child whilst it is being played withused. In order to promote public education and public safety, equal justice for all, a better informed citizenry, the rule of law, world trade and world peace, this legal document is hereby made available on a noncommercial basis, as it is the right of all humans to. Adapting the new legal migration limit for chromium vi for category iii toy materials. The en iso 6940 and 6941 tests are extensively applied throughout industry, especially in the textile and apparel manufacturing industries, where it is widely used for the testing of fabrics and other woven material products. The turnaround time for this service is within 5 working days. This is the third in a currently 14part series of mandated european standards.

Interestingly, the informative section of the standard provides. Analysis of general elements was performed by icpoes. For lead, the migration limit values are as follows as of 28 october 2018. The requirements set up in the european standard en 7. The en71 part 9 11 address this limitation by evaluating the risks from certain organic chemicals through all. Using a clean rag or brush apply liberally, then wipe off the excess after a. En71 parts 9, 10, 11 organic chemical compounds in toys. Web details the new en 7 chemical requirements of the eu toy safety directive 200948ec will. Migration of certain elements ms 1774 part 4 1998 safety of toys part 4. Preparation the surface must be clean, sanded smooth and free from contaminants like wax and dirt. In the past, the only standard used to assess these risks has been en71 part 3.

The new standard restricts the use of 19 elements as opposed to 8. Bill of materials formats and technical file management to ensure that as chemical. Toys standards and the en 71 standard part 123 of aqf. All informations included in this instruction sheet are required by these. Migration of cer tain elements this is the first publication en 7. This european standard specifies requirements and test methods for the migration of aluminium, antimony, arsenic, barium, boron, cadmium, chromium iii, chromium vi, cobalt, copper, lead, manganese, mercury, nickel, selenium, strontium, tin, organic tin and zinc from toy materials and from. Pdf on sep 1, 2012, fernando cordeiro and others published imep34.

Drm is included at the request of the publisher, as it helps them protect their by restricting file sharing. Wtthout plior written approval from the issuing report shall not be except full. Cen has published the 2019 version of en 7 for the migration of certain. Chemical toys sets other than experminetal sets ms 1774 part 6 1998 safety of toys. This file is based on the html 5, mathml, svg, and css specifications and may. Conforms to the toys safety regulations bs en71 part 3 1995 5 litre flammable shake well before use p. All conflicting standards shall be withdrawn at the latest by june 2015. However, part 3 is limited in that it only considers risks presented by 8 heavy elements through ingestion. Cen published new en 71 3 on migration of certain elements toy safety is an area in which cen and cenelec have traditionally been very active. View of the implications of the new eu toy directive 200948ec 776 kb pdf. For best results apply to dry, sound wood with a moisture content between 1220%. With regard to composition of above grades, they can comply with the directives of rohs 201165eu, 200311ec, en71 part 3 and sony standard ss. En 71 part 1 acoustic requirements come into force. En 719 organic chemical compounds toy category 14 solvents migration material 2 flame retardants 16 colorants 9 primary aromatic amines 5 monomers 10 solvents inhalation 2 wood preservatives outdoor 4 wood preservatives indoor 5 other than wood preservatives 4 plasticisers formaldehyde measure of ph 199945ec classification toys intended to be mouthed by.

Passfail part 3 of en 71 is only applicable for toys or parts of toys under consideration of a foreseeable and reasonable use which based on their function, mass, height or other properties will be put into the. Cookies are small text files that are placed on your computer by. As the cen working group responsible for maintaining these standards has now formally been disbanded thereis no official route for addressing these. In this article, we explain what en 71 really is, and what you must do to ensure that your imported toys are compliant. Eurofins experts closely track the developments in the relevant standardisation committees as well as proactively participating in the development programs. Revised lead limited under en7 to come into force 28th. Toys emitting sound during time periods typically shorter than 5 s after each initiation. The test measures the rate of flame spread for vertically oriented samples. Testing and standards toys standards and the en 71 standard part 123 of september 11, 2014 aqf testing team spanish french the en 71 standard for the safety of toys made or imported into the european union specifies the tests to perform to comply with the european directives. Moderate bleeding after the 1 to 10 hard shakes, only a portion of the pigment moves, more than 10% leaving a cone of attacked part 2. Toy safety british standards for toy safety bsi publishes standards, guidelines and specifications to help companies meet toy safety requirements.

Challenges ahead with the new en71 3 standard migration. Tris 2chloroethyl phosphate tcep with regard to composition of above grades, they can comply with the directives of rohs 201165eu, 200311ec, en71 part 3 and sony standard ss00259. Indeed, given the common presence of toys in all households and their proximity to children, it is not a surprise that standardization has already a. Safety testing a teddy bear, for example, might include tugging its eyes, to make sure a young child couldnt easily pull them out and swallow them, and setting it alight, to check whether a child holding.

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